The Benefits of a Routine

imagesOne of the greatest benefits of seniors moving to a retirement community is having an established routine. This promotes mental health and daily stability, which is great for anyone, but especially for seniors.

Having established times for designated tasks, meals and activities keeps the memory on track, and knowing that certain things will happen each day at the same time frees up brain space for other things to come through, eliminates worry, and allows the senior to enjoy their day. With their mind freed, they can feel more comfortable participating in activities, and can more easily engage in conversation with others. This promotes a much better quality of life.

Many communities, like Village Lake Inn, promote this even further by providing a board on the wall that is easy to see, listing the meals that day and activities and the times those things will occur. This makes things easier for everyone, and especially those who forget things easily. They know that they don’t have to worry about forgetting, because they know the board is there and all they have to do is read it.

Routines are a great way to help seniors with daily living, could a move to a retirement community benefit your loved one?



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