The Importance of Socialization

untitledSocializing: It’s important for everyone, ages 2-102, and while most people understand the importance of encouraging young children to socialize, the importance of socialization for seniors is easily overlooked.

Human nature leads us to crave fulfilling relationships with others, but as we age, life circumstances can push us towards loneliness and isolation. It is important to take proactive steps to cultivate new relationships as we age. The benefits of socialization for seniors include a sense of belonging and purpose, increased self-esteem, and improved health.

So, how can seniors become more social?

  • Quality independent living and assisted living facilities provide their residents with activities and programs designed to meet all of their needs. At Village Lake Inn, the guests eat three meals together and engage in at least two daily activities each day.
  • Join a club or senior center. They provide plenty of socialization and members often have many different choices of activities and the option of going on trips.
  • Become involved with your church. Many churches have groups just for seniors, and it is also important to be involved with all age groups. Share your knowledge with the younger generations!
  • Volunteer. There are plenty of options such as a hospital, church, nursing home, or sitting with a shut in.

In conclusion, it does not matter how you socialize, what matters is that you do. What an easy way to improve your health!





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